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SPFBO 2017

A likely winner of the most incomprehensible blog post title ever, for those of you who are not "in the know", that unwieldy acronym stands for the "Self-Published Fantasy Blog Off, 2017", which is a marvellous competition organised by renowned fantasy author Mark Lawrence.

The Censor's Hand was one of 300 books considered by a small selection of ninja bloggers for the finals, mine being allocated to Ventureadlaxre, a blog run by a thoughtful, young Australian lady called Katharine.

The competition included books by well-established indy authors with support from Kickstarer backers and Patreon through to debuts by complete unknowns, like my good self. And faced with some very stiff competition...

The Censor's Hand didn't win!

But it did come third on Katharine's shortlist, and get a very positive and extremely fair review, of which I am rather proud. Even better the review was that precious rarity: one which I could learn from. You can read it here.

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